Politeia Proposals  (Proposals Sync:   ago Votes Sync:   ago )

Politeia is Decred's blockchain-anchored proposal system used for Decred's operational initiatives that don't affect consensus.
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Title (Author) Vote Status Status Vote Count Votes Updated
Decred Poker Series  (darthcrypto) In Discussion
Design of Social Media Memes for Decred  (cryptoarchitect) Vote pending 0 (0% turnout)
Marketing Decred - Twitter/Social Media, Educational Videos, Ads --- by fst_nml  (fst_nml) Vote pending 0 (0% turnout)
A practical marketing opportunity - Massively boost the use case for DCR  (travelwithben) Vote pending 0 (0% turnout)
Moderation of Decred Communications  (bee) Vote pending 0 (0% turnout)
PR by Monde Public Relations - Phase Two  (lindseymmc) Passed (90% approval) yes) 10444 (25% turnout)
Augmented Reality posters  (mission) In Discussion
Content Production for Decred in russian  (ivandecredfan) Failed (35% approval) yes) 8717 (21% turnout)
Planet Decred launch proposal  (raedah) Abandoned
Decred Bug Bounty Program: Phase 3  (degeri) Passed (98% approval) yes) 13008 (32% turnout)
Decred Latam Marketing and Events Proposal 2  (3lian) Passed (61% approval) yes) 16371 (41% turnout)
CoinStory - The History and Evolution of Cryptocurrencies (Book)  (spider333) Failed (12% approval) yes) 13509 (34% turnout)
TV Marketing For Decred (DCR)  (w3bt) Failed (8% approval) yes) 11966 (29% turnout)
Decred OnChain - A Research and Charting Resource  (_checkmate_) Passed (86% approval) yes) 15280 (38% turnout)
DCR On-Chain Research: Phase 2  (permabullnino) Passed (74% approval) yes) 13906 (35% turnout)
High-Profile Billboard Marketing Campaign  (remihoh) Failed (17% approval) yes) 12521 (31% turnout)
DCR to PolisPay App - Gift Cards, Mobile TopUps and Debit Card  (eabz) Abandoned
Decred Content Marketing with CriptoNoticias  (criptonoticias) Failed (31% approval) yes) 12412 (30% turnout)
DCR Comic: a visual guide to Decred - Season 2  (pablito) No quorum 7935 (19% turnout)
Decred Daily Initiatives Proposal  (coin4) No quorum 7004 (17% turnout)