Politeia Proposals  (Proposals Sync:   ago Votes Sync:   ago )

Politeia is Decred's blockchain-anchored proposal system used for Decred's operational initiatives that don't affect consensus.
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Title (Author) Vote Status Status Vote Count Votes Updated
Open DotA 2 Pubs for Decred Purse  (zebbu) In Progress 0
DECRED OFFLINE ECOSYSTEM BUILDING AND FIAT BACKING  (cryptoagents) In Progress (9% approval) yes)
5d 21h left (16% completed)
Decred - An economic phenomenon [Research and Education proposal]  (ammarooni) In Discussion
DCR Comic: a visual guide to Decred  (pablito) In Progress (58% approval) yes)
1d 23h left (72% completed)
Incrementalist Proposal as Small Step to Solving Decred's Liquidity Problem  (betterfuture) In Discussion
Amin Rafiee: Decred Hackers Congress  (evok3d) In Discussion
Research & Publication of On-Chain DCRUSD & DCRBTC Indicators  (permabullnino) Passed (83% approval) yes) 10907
DECRED Events & Meetups in the CIS in 2019-2020  (bogdan_rud) Failed (4% approval) yes) 10078
Tantra Labs - Market Making Proposal  (tantralabs) Failed (49% approval) yes) 14646
i2 Trading: DCR Market Making  (i2trading) Passed (68% approval) yes) 16681
Grapefruit Trading Market Making proposal  (grapefruittrading) Failed (47% approval) yes) 13345
Proposal Withdraw  (someone) In Discussion
Decentralized Exchange Development  (chappjc) Passed (90% approval) yes) 16607
RFP: Decred Designated Market Maker  (jz_bz) Passed (87% approval) yes) 16167
TinyDecred: A Python Toolkit for Decred  (buck54321) Passed (94% approval) yes) 13623
Supplemental Proposal For Decred Tutorials By Denni Lovejoy  (dennilovejoy) In Discussion
Decred Fundamental Metrics Research Proposal - Phase 1  (_checkmate_) Passed (92% approval) yes) 11519
Decred Bug Bounty Proposal: Phase 2  (degeri) Passed (94% approval) yes) 12850
Incentivizing BD Evangelists within the Decred Ecosystem  (betterfuture) Abandoned
Decred Media Campaign Proposal - Crypto Economy - 2019/2020  (cryptoeconomy) Abandoned